Excel University Principal 
Oversees and manages all aspects of the Excel University Theological and Leadership Academy.

Prof. Rev. Grace Richardson – Excel University Administrator, Senior Pastor, Examiner, Course & Programme Creation & Quality Assurance Manager 

Professor Richardson is an ordained minister who has previously held senior leadership positions of Department Head of Media & Communications, Ministry Manager and Pastor in the local assembly.

Presently, a Trustee of several charitable organisations and is a board member of a number of faith enterprises, and operates her own company as a senior Business Consultant with specialist experience in organisational structures and development. She Supports the social entrepreneurial development and business network activities of the corporate Body of Christ and plays an active role in assisting believers to attain the wealth-transfer of the Kingdom of God.  She is also a Leadership Lecturer at Excel University.

Prof. Dr. Rev. Nordine Campbell – Senior Pastor, Excel Leadershipology, Theology, Missions Ministry, Healingology, Propheticology, Businessology & Ministryology Lecturer, Excel University, Examiner, Course & Programme Creation & Quality Assurance Manager 

Professor Nordine Campbell is a senior Christian minister for more than twenty years. Her father was one of the early pioneers of the Caribbean pentecostal church in Luton, UK, post the windrush generation.  She travels regularly to Ghana and the Caribbean for ministry and charity work. As an apostle, Professor Campbell is a pioneer of ministries and churches through church planting, as well as an author of various books.  She is the founder and president of Centre of Hope International, a charity dedicated to the care and support of children, developing and mentoring ministers of the gospel in Africa, the UK and the Caribbean. She is also a Leadership Lecturer at Excel University.


Prof. Dr. George Hargreaves, Senior Pastor, D.Min. – Excel Leadershipology, Theology, Businessology & Ministryology Lecturer 

Professor Hargreaves is an Executive Producer on the film ‘God’s Not Dead’ www.godsnotdeadthemovie.com and the CEO of the UK based film distribution and pop-up cinema company Kingdom Cinemas Limited.

He is also the founder of the Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship” and Chief Executive of The Christian Party Charitable Trust. For over a decade he has been at the forefront of Christian political activism in the United Kingdom.

Through The Christian Party Charitable Trust’s retail evangelism initiative ‘Taking The High Street For The Most High God!’ Prof. Hargreaves has launched a chain of church-run charity shops, which will also double as churches.

Professor Hargreaves is regularly seen and heard on TV and Radio.  He presented the award-winning Make me A Christian’ on Channel 4, he is a regular contributor to BBC television’s ‘Sunday Morning Live’, he presented ‘The Politics Programme’ and ‘The Xian Factor’ on Revelation TV.

He is also a renown songwriter and record producer, who made X Factor mogul, Simon Cowell, his first hit, “So macho”, with the singer Sinitta.

Having gained a wealth of commercial business experience before becoming a minister, Professor Hargreaves has a passion for God and growth of the Kingdom and does not confine himself to the traditional ways of meeting with the community.  He is a visionary who uniquely gives others the permission to develop, communicate and sell their own vision forward; a man for whom the Word is not just a word – it is the blueprint for his success.

Professor Hargreaves holds a B.A. Honours degree in Theology from London University; and a Post-graduate Diploma in Theology and a Master’s degree in Anthropology from Oxford University.
He is also a Visiting Leadership Lecturer at Excel University.


E MProf. Dr. Morris Edward Masih, Senior Pastor, D.Min. – Excel Leadershipology, Theology, Missions Ministry, Demonology, Propheticology, Businessology & Ministryology Lecturer  

Professor Masih was born in Pakistan in a Christian town called Montgomerywala. His father moved to Lahore, which is the city he grew up.  In 1970 The Lord Jesus appeared to him and called him into ministry. He told him that He would take him to the nations. He has studied at Bible Colleges and lectured for Bible Colleges in Finland and Luton, UK. He has been in ministry for over 40 years. He is happily married with children.

He started off at the AOG Church. Then when it was time he started an independent church in Luton established over 15 years ago.

He currently owns his own business as a qualified and licensed plumber with a degree such as BA (Hons) and Diplomas.

Professor Masih is a prolific international teacher and mentor to many ministries worldwide with apostolic oversight to church branches in Europe and Pakistan.

He annually speaks all over the world and travels extensively to countries and continents such as Israel, Jordan, Jerusalem, Egypt,  India, Pakistan, Finland, Germany and many more. His meeting are sometimes up to 8 thousand people in attendance who are empowered by the Gospel.  He is also a Visiting Leadership Lecturer at Excel University.


Prof.  Dr. Terry Eckersley, Senior Pastor, D.Min. Prof dip housing, Post grad CMS, DMS, Cert Ed Leadership & Church Planting – Excel Leadershipology, Theology, Healingology, Propheticology & Ministryology Lecturer

Professor Terry Eckersley is one of the UK’s most loved and popular evangelists, he has been described as a tonic: humorous, high energy, yet still vulnerable and relational. Using the strong gift of encouragement placed in him, he shares the full Gospel message that has so radically changed him: a miraculous testimony of healing and total redemption from brokenness, severe drug addiction & crime.

This transformation has seen him become a graduate of and speaker at two bible colleges, further rising to become a CEO within the Christian charity and media sector, influencing and helping thousands worldwide.

Professor T Eckersley is a creative communicator with an instant appeal that transcends all cultures, people groups & denominations. His much-appreciated art of motivational faith, coupled with deep insight, helps people to discover (or rediscover) their God-given purpose and spiritual vitality! His manner is at once humorous, friendly & and deeply impacting – and opens the door to life, salvation and healing, in a demonstration of the incredible power of the Spirit. He is also an Ambassador for Compassion UK. He is also a Visiting Leadership Lecturer at Excel University.


Prof.  Dr. Jill S. Eckersley, Senior Pastor, D.Min. – Excel  Womenology Ministry, Leadershipology, Businessology & Ministryology Lecturer 

Professor Jill Eckersley is a source of strength and inspiration to all, she often sings when accompanying her husband on speaking engagements. Professor J Eckersley loves chocolate, music, and fashion – working as a stylist for some of the world’s leading brands, dressing the housewife to the celebrity! She is also an accomplished worship leader, singer, song-writer and author. She was able to make the paradigm shift to be free of the intensity of perfectionism, leaning into the wisdom of Psalm 138. She is also a Visiting Leadership Lecturer at Excel University.


Prof.  Dr. Simbo Nuga, BA (Hons), MBA, MA, MinstD, MCMI, MCIM, D.Min. – Excel Womenology Ministry, Leadershipology, Business & Finance Lecturer

Professor Nuga is an Entrepreneur founder and CEO Of practical financial detox and Author with published books with Hodder & Stoughton. Additionally she has been involved in developing training programmes for business owners on issues ranging from diversity to time management.

She was the Managing Director of  the UK’s leading British African-Caribbean Newspaper, The Voice, for The Voice Group Ltd and has worked as a lecturer and E-Commerce Coordinator for Spar UK Ltd. She is happily married with two children, and is a passionate teacher of financial literacy.
She is also a Visiting Leadership Lecturer at Excel University.


Prof.  Dr. Hugh A. Jackman, D.Min. Pastor, – Excel Leadershipology, Theology, Businessology & Ministryology Lecturer

Professor Hugh A. Jackman formerly pastored 3 growing churches but now he has become an itinerant Minister.  He is passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God, communicating it anyway he can. It is through this passion that he was called to Christian TV in 1993 at the very inception of European Christian TV.  His involvement in Broadcast Media and Ministry led to the award of two Honorary Doctorates in Ministry.

Professor Hugh A. Jackman has been involved in the launches of three Christian TV networks, the most significant season being his time with Revelation TV. Hugh’s ministry began during the formative years of Christian TV and has since then become a well known Christian TV personality, having presented or co presented more than 4,000 hours of live TV over the past ten years.

Professor Hugh A. Jackman’s greatest passion and prayer is to see people’s lives transformed as they embrace the hidden truths from the Word of God. He is also a Visiting Leadership Lecturer at Excel University.


Prof.  Dr. Alan Tun, D.Min. Pastor, LLB, BSc – Excel Leadershipology, Theology, Businessology & Ministryology Lecturer

Professor Alan Tun is currently COO at Revelation TV HQ.
He is responsible for the day-to-day running of the channel managing a team of 30 staff and volunteers. His work includes leading organizational change, implementing new policies and procedures, teambuilding, ensuring GDPR compliance, he is also a presenter of his own TV show which includes ministering and teaching the Holy Bible to viewers.
He is also a Visiting Leadership Lecturer at Excel University.


Prof.  Dr. Sarah Tun, Pastor, D.Min. BA Hons, Dip Th, – Excel  Womenology Ministry, Leadershipology & Ministryology Lecturer 

Professor Sarah Tun, has over 35 years of learning the Christian faith, author of 5 books, Presenter and Production at Revelation TV, UK, World travel and outreach, Professor Sarah Tun believes in GOD, also known as the Father, Yehovah, also “I Am”, who is creator of the universe, and in His son, Yeshua — Jesus, who was born of a virgin, Mary. And believes all who believe in and follow Yeshua are restored to the Father / saved by their faith, which is given to them by Yehovah, and that they will have everlasting life. She is also a Visiting Leadership Lecturer at Excel University.