That is why we have put together a collection of excellent lecturers and world renowned
invited & visiting lecturers who are interested and passionate about excellence, especially
your journey into becoming a person and leader of excellence.
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We NOW offer ONLINE COURSES. Our lectures also suit parents, and those in full time employment. GRADUATE WITH US TODAY. 

Our cost has been heavily subsidised and thought through to offer courses cost effectively as we are a Christian organisation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should have any further queries.

Our Lectures

Our Lectures

Our Lectures are mainly delivered by experienced Senior Leaders, Pastors, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs who offer practical support and excellent training and teaching to empower and inspire students. This is now done on request of students that are assigned a course lecturer. The rest of the lectures/modules are broken down with a mixture of online work, training placements, assignments and research set by course lecturers.

Our Courses

Our Courses

Our Courses are designed for all who meet our criteria and are able to provide two references, one must be from your leader/pastor, manager, supervisor or past teacher.

We currently offer five tiers of Courses which include 5 Degrees, these are Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral courses. (We also accept transfer credits & degrees received from other Universities/Seminaries or Bible Schools).

Admission now open

Admission now open

We are currently accepting admission for UK, EU and International Students to enrol on courses.
90% of questions are answered on our FAQ Page here: www.theexceluniversity.org/faq/
Our lectures also suit parents, and those in full time employment.
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Our Popular Courses & Modules Include:

New Courses: Please see ‘Other Fees’ Web Page on our drop down menu here: www.theexceluniversity.org/fees/
Although we do not rely on government funding as we are a totally independent Christian organisation, we have set up
Student Referral Incentives see our www.theexceluniversity.org/faq/ for more details.

We are also now pleased to announce that we have our own customised GRADUATION ROBES
complete with hood & hat and Excel University’s colours.

  • Excel Theology & Ministry
  • Excel Leadershipology
  • Excel Healing-ology (The Art & Power of Healing)
  • Excel Worship-ology (The Worshipper Unlimited)
  • Excel Prophetic-ology (The Art of Prophecy)
  • Excel Business-ology (The Art of Business)
  • Excel Ministry-ology (The Art & Power of Prophecy)
  • Excel Finance and The Art & Power of Tithing & Giving
  • Excel Leading with Excellence in a Church or Ministry
  • Ministry-ology (Discovering your passion in ministry)

Our Methods Admissions

Wicon-methode teach, train, develop and offer training placements to those who are either in Leadership, desire to learn about Leadership or simply taking Leadership of their destiny to better equip themselves to lead or lead others through studying and gaining knowledge and wisdom principles to implement practically, Spiritually and mentally which are all acquired from the Holy Bible.

Our Courses are at different levels and durations which is along similar guidelines as other universities as explained below.

  • Certificate Level – 1 day – 3 months      VALUE (Certificate)
    Higher Certificate Level – 3 months      VALUE (Higher Certificate)
    Diploma Level – 5 months                      VALUE (240 CREDITS)
    Higher Diploma Level – 12 months       VALUE (250 CREDITS)
    Bachelors Level – 1 – 2 years                  VALUE (360 CREDITS)
    Masters Level – 1 – 3 years                     VALUE (200 CREDITS)
    Doctorate Level – 1 – 3 years                  VALUE (Doctorate/PhD)

icon-admissionsWe are currently accepting admission for our 3 months, 5 months 12 months and 1-3 years courses. We also offer short one day, three day and five day courses. Please look at the relevant sections and links to download or open files for more information about our courses and prices.

90% of questions are answered on our FAQ Page here: www.theexceluniversity.org/faq/

Our cost has been heavily subsidised and thought through to offer courses cost effectively as we are a Christian organisation. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should have any further queries.