Please also supply clear photo copies of X2 colour current head photographs, X2 proof of address and a Valid Passport or Driver’s Licence, Please also supply where possible proof of past certificates, qualifications and degree.

Excel Leadership Uniform Prices: 

  • Excel Leadership Blazer – (Optional/Not Compulsory) only purchased from us because of logo uniformity and quality!
    PRICE: £37 (Sizes 36 – 40)               PRICE: £43 (Sizes 40 – 48)          PRICE: £47 (Sizes 50 – 60)
  • Excel Leadership Plain Uniform/Formal (Grey or Maroon) Trouser or Long Skirt
    (Optional/Not Compulsory) Can be bought from us or elsewhere.  PRICE: £20 
  • Excel Leadership Plain Uniform/Formal (White) Long-sleeve Shirt (Optional/Not Compulsory)
    Can be purchased from us or elsewhere.  PRICE: £15
  • Excel Leadership Jumper – (Optional/Not Compulsory) only purchased from us because of logo, uniformity and quality!  PRICE: £25 
  • Excel Leadership Tie – (Optional/Not Compulsory) only purchased from us because of logo, uniformity and quality!  PRICE: £7.77
  • Excel Leadership Book Case Bag – (Compulsory) only purchased from us because of logo, uniformity and quality!  PRICE: £14.50
  • Excel Leadership Book/Study Backpack/Rucksack – (Compulsory) only purchased from us because of logo, uniformity and quality! PRICE: £17.50
 *At Excel University whilst on campus/lectures you are expected to wear appropriate smart/casual attire (not revealing/seductive or offensive) or your uniform at all times. Admission Prerequisites & Tools Price List

(All items below can be purchased from us or elsewhere)

  • Parallel Holy Bible that includes Amplified and KJV Version – PRICE: £30
  • English Dictionary – PRICE: £17
  • Holy Bible Dictionary – PRICE: £25
  • Holy Bible Concordance and Commentary – PRICE: £34.99
  • Hebrew and Greek English Translation – PRICE: £39.99
  • Jewish Holy Bible Tanakh – PRICE: £44.99
  • Holy Bible on CD/Audio – PRICE: £43.99
  • Notepad/Exercise Book – PRICE: £3.99
  • Pen/Highlighter pen & pencil – PRICE: £3.99

Admission Fee:

  • Application Fee (for New Students) – PRICE: £55 (Non-Refundable)

Other Admin Fees:

  •  For copy certificates, letters, references, results etc – PRICE: £55

Private Tuition Fees:

  • For private tuition or extra tuition/training – PRICE: £50 per hour (At campus, by email or phone)

Course Fees:

  • One Day Courses/Programmes – PRICE: from £70
  • Three Day Courses/Programmes – PRICE:  from £150
  • Five Day Courses/Programmes – PRICE:  from £180
  • Three Months Courses/Programmes – PRICE: from £350
  • Five Months Courses/Programmes – PRICE: from £550
  • Twelve Months BA (Hons) Courses/Programmes – PRICE: £1200 per year
  • Masters & Doctoral Courses/Programmes – PRICE:  £1500 per year

Please note 50% Deposit is required to be paid for course fees within 7 days upon commencement of course if this is not possible there may be other arrangement made please make this clear on your application and speak with Excel University.
Standing Order Mandate is to be set up to our bank account details below for weekly or monthly payment(s) from your bank. Payment(s) can also be made by PayPal using a debit card securely on our website or by bank transfer to our bank details below here:
Unity Bank: Excel | Account Number: 20 27 95 36  | Sort Code: 60 83 01
International Payments:
Swift Code (BIC): NWBKGB2L
IBAN Number: GB93NWBK60023571418024 


We have many more courses please email or call us for more information.